ONLINE COURSE (in English) – Start anytime!


Pre-recorded, short video clips and exercises presented on a Learning Platform



We have created a learning environment where you can watch the pre-recorded videos at you own pace. The content is the same as the live online course, but the learning environment will help you keep track of what you’ve learnt. Here is how it looks like:

New Online Course - Example Clip (Receiving Gifts as One of the 5 Love Languages)


  • More than 6 hours of video material, i.e. you can watch around 45min for each of the 8 chapters.
  • Many exercises for you as a couple, as a family and as a group of couples
  • All of the testimonies of the Book “Families in Ministry”


  • Marriage and Family – God’s model for success
  • The daily struggle for time and priorities
  • Love needs a language
  • Strong families live with God
  • Coping with stress & crises
  • Help, we are so different!
  • Families and Ministry, how do we manage?
  • Our vision and goals

All chapter headings …

We recommend that you take this online course together with one or several couples that you know – learning together proves to be much more effective!  Alternatively, we can try to match you up with another couple that recently started the online course. We are providing group discussion questions that can help you exchange about what you are learning.

This online course was created as Module of the Online Foundations for Family Studies, but can be taken without doing the entire Online Foundations for Family Studies.