Marriage and family are the basic building blocks of humanity and the Kingdom of God. People are influenced first and foremost by their family.


  • Family — God’s Prototype for Success
  • Marriage — A New Beginning
  • Marriage — A Covenant
  • Marriage — God’s Prototype for Teamwork
  • Considering Different Seasons of Life
  • Your Vision — My Vision — Our Vision

Personal Testimonies:

  • Juggling Priorities and Redefining Roles
  • No Ministry Burnout For Us!
  • No Ordinary Couple

Key Phrases:

  • The example of our parents strongly influences the way we form our own relationships.
  • The greater the differences, the greater the potential for significant confrontation.
  • The marriage covenant is based on trust and commitment.
  • As a marriage team, we can aim for wonderful results.
  • Each phase has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is necessary to set priorities accordingly.
  • We can’t skip any of the different seasons, but we can completely miss some (or all!) of the seasons!