The second updated English edition is here!

We wrote the first edition of our book Families In Ministry in 2008. Since than many families have used the book to enrich their family. FMS leaders have used the book in their Family Ministry School and many pastors and YWAM leaders have used it in their teams and small groups.

A big part of the book are the honest testimonies from real families in ministry. Their stories are encouraging and an inspiration for us all. For the second edition we decided to update the testimonies and add some more. Over 30 families share a piece of their lives with us, and we know they will inspire you.

Order your copy now! Use it at home, or with your cell group, ywam team or church.


1 thought on “The second updated English edition is here!

  1. Jeongmin, Choi Reply

    이 책을 통해서 우리는 가족의 관계가 얼마나 중요한지를 배울 수 있었습니다. 또한, 가족 안에 단순히 삶의 경험으로만 살거나, TV를 통해서 배우거나, 부모의 삶을 따르는 것이 아니라, 하나님의 가정으로 어떻게 성장하고 발전할 수 있는지 배울 수 있었습니다. 이제까지 너무 가정을 별 것 아닌 것으로 취급했습니다! 이 책은 가정의 의미 뿐 아니라, 하나님께서 주신 가정을 어떻게 세워갈 수 있는지 알게 하는 책입니다. 특히, 이 책에서 Worksheet를 유심히 읽고, 써보세요. 단순히 도움이 되는 것이 아니라, 가족이 무엇인지 돌아보고, 앞으로 어떻게 해야겠다고 생각하는 계기가 될 것입니다.
    Through this book, we learned how important family relationships are. I also learned how to grow and develop into the family of God, not just living by our own experiences, learning from Media, or following our parents’ lives. So far I have treated family as nothing special! This book is not only about the meaning of the family, but also about how to build a God-given family. In particular, read and write the Worksheet carefully in this book. It’s not just helpful, it’s a chance to look back at what your family is and think about what to do next.

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